Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Canucks' new jersey: What the ....?

If you are a Vancouverite or even remotely follow hockey, you might already think that I've lived under a rock for the past decade. So I am going to have to come out of the closet and admit that I am not a hockey fan (sin and sacrilege after having lived in Canada for the better part of a decade). I can watch a game (and will do so willingly and will share in the joy and happiness -- or desolation as it may be the case), but I've never followed the sport.

One thing I do know about hockey is that the Vancouver Canucks are our very own hockey team, and I've been following [sort of in a round-about kinda way] the discussions around the issue of the new logo and jersey. Since I am not a hockey connoisseur, I am going to direct you towards Rebecca @ Miss604, John @ AudiHertz, Chris @ LeftCoastByDesign and Karl @ Beyond Robson, all of them local bloggers who have picked up on the controversy surrounding the jersey.

At risk of being smothered, I have to admit that I like the jersey, if for no other reason, because it looks kinda cute. And yes, the word Vancouver may look already clumsy but hey, imagine if you are at a costume party in Paris and you disguise as a hockey player... it will be hard to miss that you are from Vancouver :-) .... think about it!


Christopher said...

Thanks for directing your readers to my mini-rant on the jerseys. =)

Christopher said...

Thanks for directing your readers to my mini-rant. =)