Monday, August 20, 2007

Movie review - The Bourne Ultimatum

Ok, so I am a fan of Matt Damon, I'll confess. I like the guy. He is a good actor, and he's done great work. But I am not 100% sure I am in love with The Bourne Ultimatum. I really had a great time hanging out with B, J, H, K, M, B and J (how funny - two of the couples within my group of friends have the same initials -- hehehe I just clued in). We went to Sodas for dinner and then the Dunbar Theatre to watch a late show of The Bourne Ultimatum. Now, pointer in case you want to do dinner and a movie. If you show your ticket stub from the Dunbar Theatre at Sodas you can get 10% discount on your bill, which is pretty damn cool. This particular group of friends is really fun to hang out with.

Anyhow, basically The Bourne Ultimatum is the story of how Jason Bourne finds out what happened to him and how he became a trained assassin. Lots of action (IMHO not enough, I wanted to see more ultimate-killer type of martial arts ) and fairly good acting on the part of Joan Allen, Matt Damon and Julia Stiles. Would recent viewers say that the plot lines get resolved? I don't think so, personally.

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