Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What should your superpower be?

This was just way too cool to let it pass! My close friends know that I am a superhero geek. From Superman to Wonder Woman to Spiderman to X-Men... You got superpowers? We're now BFFs! (best friends forever). This little test will tell you what superpower you should have ;) Enjoy! And please leave a note in the comments telling me what superpower you are supposed to have. Who knows, we might be sidekicks!

Your Superpower Should Be Manipulating Fire

You are intense, internally driven, and passionate.
Your emotions are unpredictable - and they often get the better of you.
Both radiant and terrifying, people are drawn to you.
At your most powerful, you feel like the world belongs to you.

Why you would be a good superhero: You are obsessive enough to give it your all

Your biggest problem as a superhero: Your moodiness would make it difficult to control your powers


Marcela said...

Apparently, my thing is mind reading…
“You are brilliant, insightful, and intuitive. You understand people better than they would like to be understood. Highly sensitive, you are good at putting together seemingly irrelevant details. You figure out what's going on before anyone knows that anything is going on!
Why you would be a good superhero: You don't care what people think, and you'd do whatever needed to be done
Your biggest problem as a superhero: Feeling even more isolated than you do now”

I'm not isolated!!!

Why do I keep doing this thigs that you put?!?!?

Raul said...

Theoretically, the one who should have mind reading as a power should be me. But I do agree that you are brilliant, insightful and intuitive. I think some responses do get wrong aspects (e.g. I agree, you're not isolated).

That being said, the analysis is bang-on on the fact that you'd do whatever needed to be done. You are a go-getter, you always strive to succeed.

Miss 604 said...

oooh my "Superpower Should Be Manipulating Electricity"

Raul said...

Yeah, that sounds like you Rebecca :) You're definitely super energetic!

Jana said...

Raul, you've got yet another mind-reader on your hands..


Nomade Moderne said...

So, what exactly does it say about you that you hang out with so many mind-readers (me included)?


Raul said...

I am guessing it means one of these things...

a) I am a mind-reader


b) I need to have my mind read in order for my world to function :)

I always thought my super power was mind reading...