Monday, August 20, 2007

In the land of three remotes

I confess that I'm always two or three generations behind insofar electronics goes. I got a laptop years after everyone else already had one. I did not own a cell phone until 2005 and I had never switched on my TV until May 2007. So the past few months, it's been all about getting new equipment.

My very good friend A gave me a 27" TV, which actually does talk to my DVD player (generously given to me by my brother). When J was setting it up, he said a phrase that made me laugh and stuck to my head, so I thought I'd share it with you..."well, you are now in three-remote territory".

After the laughter I actually realized that I am indeed in the land of three remotes. I do not own a universal remote. And it does make things complicated. But to be fair, now I can invite good friends over to watch movies instead of having to use my laptop for movie shows (which was annoying because sometimes my laptop would malfunction right in the middle of a great movie).

On an unrelated note, sorry for not posting content over the weekend. Way too much socializing and very little time to write meaningful posts. I have prepared drafts on various topics, including the recently released study on diversity and social capital, movie review ("Wedding wars"), and updates on a socially-packed weekend. More coming soon...

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