Monday, August 20, 2007

Safeway and Superstore green bags :)

Sometimes I wonder if humanity will actually ever reach a point of high maturity. It only took us what, two thousands years to realize that we can indeed reduce our impact on the environment? Duh!

As a single male who loves to cook (and shop) I have always tried to find ways to reduce my shopping bag consumption. So I recently found out that two of my favorite Canadian stores have recycled shopping bags to help reduce usage of plastic bags when buying groceries. It was SO hard to find information on the web regarding Safeway's recycled shopping bag. However, on Superstore's website I did find a wealth of information on different products they have to help reduce our impact on the environment.

I have recycled shopping bags from both stores as I often shop in both of them (for different products). Great idea! And apparently, SuperValue also has them? I'd appreciate any information from my readers on other green bag providers. Thanks!

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tu.politóloga.favorita said...

Lamentablemente no te puedo ayudar con eso, ya que en Mty el reciclaje no es algo que se conoce.
En cuanto a lo de los lectores de mi blog y los comentarios, aquí está tu respuesta: antes solía comentar con frecuencia en blogs que me gustan y los dueños me firmaban de vuelta. Ahora no lo hago tan regularmente pero parece que a algunos les gustó mi blog y se han quedado =)