Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Restaurant review - Ebisu (Richmond)

As I had indicated before, I rarely go to Richmond, unless I am visiting my good friends B and C. They suggested to do dinner at a new sushi place, Ebisu in Richmond, so off we went. The place in itself is neat and somewhat sophisticated. It was super busy, which made our wait to order rather long. And to be very frank, I do appreciate a short wait. Anyhow, we ordered our food, which was good although their specialty sushi rolls were (how do I say this nicely) strange. They looked very pretty but they tasted weird.

Prices are steep for specialty rolls (4 pieces for $6 CND?!) but overall the rolls are excellent. I ordered gyozas and they were super tasty (particularly with the sauce they brought). I also shared some of B and C's BC rolls and California rolls, which were big and filling.

Would I go all the way to Richmond to eat at Ebisu? I probably wouldn't since I live in Vancouver, but to be very fair, the place was packed. I am going to guess that these people live in Richmond and value a nice sushi place. And this is a nice place, with good food (albeit slightly expensive). Overall rating: good.

UPDATE - I hadn't realized that there was another Ebisu on Robson. Some reviewers on DineHere.Ca indicate that they have had a great experience eating here.

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