Thursday, August 02, 2007

Parks and off-leash dogs: Rules are broken everywhere

I just came back from a run at Robson Park (which is a designated non-off-leash park, i.e. if you want to walk your dog there you need to leash it) and what do I find? Two women with large dogs and one man with a tiny dog, all of them off-leash. There are plenty of signs in the park that advise the owners to pick up after their dogs AND LEASH THEM. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs. I really do. But what I find annoying is breaking the rules.

There are several off-leash parks, why break the rules? So this only comes to confirm my thought that rules are broken everywhere. I am by no means a prude. But when we say that we live in a society that abides by the rules and then I walk out the door and first thing I see is someone breaking those rules, it just irks me.

At Beyond Robson, you can find a discussion on off-leash parks (although in this case, I think Degan was describing the exactly opposite situation, someone having a picnic at an off-leash park -- in my case, I was running in a park where dogs must be leashed).

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