Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Garbage wars in Vancouver

While I have to say that I am quite happy that the Vancouver civic strike has made people are now thinking again about another environmental issue other than climate change (hey, we do have other environmental problems, you know?), I can't fathom why the Vancouver strike hasn't settled yet. Well, actually I can... I know, it's all about lack of consensus ... *sigh* And you would believe that in a society where consensus-building is considered as such a big part of public policy-making, we would be able to settle strikes fast (as Delta, Richmond and other municipalities within the Greater Vancouver Regional District have already done).

Anyhow, this is actually part of a public announcement. Our fellow blogger @ Rant!Vancouver has requested that local Vancouver bloggers post a link to his website, as he recently found out that someone had driven to a park and dumped garbage there, so he is trying to find said driver.

In the mean time, please consider following the recycle hierarchy, compost, reduce garbage generation in each household and more importantly, please don't forget that there are many other environmental problems that have synergistic negative effects, so if you are worried about climate change, please also think (and act) to reduce other potential sources of environmental deterioration (such as e-waste, excessive water consumption, etc.). Thanks.

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