Monday, August 13, 2007

Saying goodbye is hard to do ...

This week I had to go through it again. One of my best friends, Copper Lioness is moving to the Netherlands with her husband (Dutch Boy). This is one of the cutest couples I've ever come across. Sweet, smart, well-educated and with hearts of gold. They couldn't have just one farewell party so they organized two. I went to both, of course. Hey, these are people that are near and dear to my heart! I can't not show up.

The first one was awesome. I went with A to this one. A and I are extremely close and we treat each other like siblings, which is awesome. She's also good friends with Copper Lioness. On Saturday, I went to the party with H, B and a friend of H. We met lots of fun people. This second going away party was just as fun as the previous one, with the difference that at this one I profusely demonstrated my capacity to be over-protective.

I will definitely visit Copper Lioness and Dutch Boy when I am in Europe next (potentially Paris trip in the next few weeks). But I'll definitely miss them and it really does suck that I have to say good-bye yet again! :-(

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