Thursday, January 10, 2008

Almost done unpacking :)

Since I've been suggested by various commenters to just keep writing, I'm doing that exactly... feel almost like I'm live-blogging my unpacking journey. I brought several small gifts for friends, so I also have to organize those. I also did laundry, cleaned up part of my bedroom, fixed a bookshelf, had a shower (that counts as a chore, let me tell you) and went shopping for some soda (I can't have burritos with plain water).

I found out that I'm quite capable of eating half a bottle of cajeta with toast. Ooops... there goes my diet again. But seriously, I'm in Vancouver, it's pouring rain, the sky is gray and dark, and I need a "pick me up" after six weeks of sun and warmth. So hence why I have eaten so much cajeta, hehe.

Sorry for having just wasted three minutes of your time, but honestly, I've got no good content yet. It's either I stop and wait until I blog something meaningful or just go with the flow. I'm testing the second method :)

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Wanderin' Weeta said...

Mmmmmm... cajeta!

We always described the flavour as "It tastes like more."

Save a bit, and drizzle it over the best vanilla ice-cream you can get.