Friday, January 11, 2008

Transportation policy Hillsdon-style

I learned about Paul Hillsdon's blog through other bloggers, such as Miss604, Keefer, Gordon Price, Erika Rathje and Stephen Rees. I was shocked at first to hear that he was just 16 (at the time, he's now 17). His posts are extremely well written, coherent and articulate.

Well, his readership is exploding now, in part because he wrote a really well-researched plan for transportation South of the Fraser river (I would suggest you go to Price' or Rees' blogs for discussions on the matter, as Paul's server is overwhelmed - you can also check the Livable Region Coalition blog).

The point I would like to make (since I am not really a transportation kind of guy - but I do have other strengths in urban planning and sustainability) is that instead of just complaining, Paul's plan is making suggestions. I would like to encourage other bloggers, readers, citizens of Vancouver and the Metro Vancouver (formerly GVRD) area to write proposals and offer suggestions. It's easy to rant and whine, and hard to research a topic and put countless hours into developing a coherent and well-analyzed report. Let's all try to follow Paul's example and use the second strategy. Congratulations Paul!

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Paul Hillsdon said...

Great point Raul! We need more positivity in this world. Think solutions, not complaints.