Friday, January 11, 2008

Eatery review - Uncle Fatih's Pizza (Commercial and Broadway)

Since I got back to Vancouver, I've been working at the office and doing lots of errands. Thus, by the time I head back home, I'm totally exhausted. As it often happens to me when I take the 99 B-Line home, I ended up sleeping and missing my stop. So I had to go back from Commercial and Broadway (good thing the 99 B-Line wasn't one of those 'Boundary' ones or else I would've been royally in trouble).

On my way back, a nagging feeling and a slight headache started to bug me. Having just shopped at Safeway, I figured that it was nothing, but by the time I crossed the street west over to Commercial and Broadway, the lion inside me woke up and started to demand food. Being the case that pizza is the only thing with cheese that I allow myself to consume (just because I can't even taste the cheese with all those toppings), I stopped at Uncle Fatih's Pizza.

Since I started hanging out on Commercial Drive, I had promised myself that one day, I'd make a quick stop at Uncle Fatih's. The line-up is always long and there's all sorts of people (from men in suits to young guys in rags) consuming pizza. Determined not to let this opportunity pass, I stopped and ordered a full dinner (2 slices and a pop for a whooping $ 3.50, even cheaper than a latte at Starbucks).

Admittedly, my definition of cheap eats is substantially different to that of Andrew Morrison from Urban Diner (I just read his weekly West Ender column on cheap eats, and he suggested that he could do dinner for $20 or so - my definition of cheap eats is dinner for less than 7 bucks). This is most definitely a place for cheap, affordable, tasty and satisfying pizza. I'll be back, for sure!

And apparently other reviewers agree with me :)

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keefer said...

The secret's totally out about this place. Used to go there on the way home from work when I lived near there. Potatoes on pizza? Mmmm.