Saturday, January 05, 2008

It's all about the equipment - Entertaining guests

I haven't had the time to process an amazing visit to San Miguel de Allende, so I won't blog about that until probably Tuesday night (I'll be in Mexico City tomorrow and Monday, visiting Teotihuacan and the National Museum of Anthropology and History).

Both sites are world-wide renowned and lots have been written about them, so I'll have a full post in the next few days. But for now, I just want to mention that one of the things I noticed in the past weeks (while I've been a guest at NZ's house and when I've hosted people here) is that, if there's something that makes your life easier when having guests, is having the appropriate equipment.

At NZ's house, I noticed how she had EVERYTHING. And when I mean everything, I mean it in that way. She and her husband have two offices, several living rooms, terraces, alcoves, etc. There's plenty of space (and every single tool you might need) for them to entertain guests at leisure.

In my case, I found that it made all the difference both for me (when I had guests) and for my hosts (when I was a guest) to have everything they could possibly need to entertain: for drinks, a well-stocked wine rack, glasses, trays (to serve), etc. That's why I say that it's all about the equipment: it's easier to have guests when you DO have the equipment to treat them right (in addition to the people's skills that are required to treat guests the right way too!)

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Anonymous said...

Not only the equipment is necessary, there are good hosts and bad hosts too. A good host wants to make your stay comfortable but gives you space. And then there are also good guests and bad. Once I had one who'd take a 2 hour shower, leave the rest of us with cold water only, and was never ready when requested....they won't come back to my place, ever. They're banned for life. So equipment plus attitude, that makes the party !!