Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow in Vancouver can make you happy... or not

Some of my Vancouverite friends are so excited about how beautiful the city looks with all this snow. I admit it, it looks pretty. But if I tell you what happened to me last night, you'll understand why I am so angry at the weather. I was working late, but I knew that unless I took the last 99 B-Line, I'd be stuck at my office, so I ran out the door (in the snow, without an umbrella and without a toque) and headed to the bus stop.

As I was making my way to the bus stop, the 99 B-Line started its engine and quickly left. I was literally 4 seconds away from the bus, and the bus driver still didn't wait for me. I screamed "WAIT, WAIT, WAIT" at the top of my lungs and he still wouldn't do it. I'm not that surprised, but I got really angry.

So I figured "oh well, I'll just stay overnight at the office" and what is my surprise when I realize that I don't have my electronic key to the building. So now I am all wet, my hair is white from all the snow, I'm freezing and have to wait for the stupid bus.

It took me a good hour and 20 minutes to get home (a commute that on a good day is 30 minutes). By the time I got home, I was furious. But surprisingly, I was still in good enough of a mood to do some work until 4.30am. I work really well at night. But this morning I saw the heavy snow and I decided I was going to work at home.

I may (potentially) get out and snap a few pictures, just for the beauty. But I am SO happy that a friend e-mailed me the piece of work I had to process today. So very very very happy! I did not want to go to the office today.

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keefer said...

Oh man, that bites. I'd be really ticked too.
Snow isn't much fun if you're actually travelling anywhere by transit or automobile. I'm totally for staying at home whenever possible or going for a nice walk during weather like this.