Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More Canadian content in the 2008 Oscars nominations

I haven't had a chance to go and see Juno in theatres (and I should, to be quite honest, because everyone thinks it's very funny). It was filmed in Vancouver and stars Ellen Page and Jennifer Garner, two of my favourite actresses. So, there are a number of reasons why I should go and see it. And with the Oscars nominations just announced, Canadians are doing really well.

I am glad that Ellen Page got her nomination. She has taken on some pretty daring and rough roles (such as Sylvia Likens in An American Crime and Hayley Stark in Hard Candy). She has proven she's a very talented actress. And Sarah Polley... well, I loved Sarah Polley since her appearance in "The Sweet Hereafter". I was most impressed with her work in "My Life Without Me".

Polley is up for Best Adapted Screenplay for "Away From Her", a movie that has earned Julie Christie both a Golden Globe and an Academy Award nomination. Despite the fact that I love Ellen Page, this time, I want Julie Christie to win.

There are many other Canadians who are doing well in the nominations, so go on to the Oscars webpage and check them out (or read a few of the summaries available on the internet).

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