Monday, January 28, 2008

Movie review - 27 Dresses

Before I begin, one disclaimer. Well, actually two. First, I *love* Katherine Heigl and James Marsden. They are two of my favourite actors, so anything with both of them will probably fly with me. Second, I am a romantic at heart, so chick flicks and I are very good friends ;)

Ok, on to the review. This review involves also some degree of personal insight into my own life which I thought I'd blog about at the same time. That element is perhaps worth a completely separate blog entry, but I'll see how the writing comes along and then if I need, I'll expand.

The movie 27 Dresses revolves around Jane (Heigl), who works for an eco-tourism tycoon (Edward Burns) who in addition to being handsome, is filthy rich. Jane fell in love with weddings. Since she was very young, she proved a phenomenal wedding planner (who doesn't actually do that for a living, but is always there for her girlfriends who get married). Hence, she is always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Jane is the perfect bridesmaid (and sometimes maid of honor). She keeps being there for her bride friends, in hopes that one day all of them will be there for her. But that special day has never arrived, and now the number of dresses she has accumulated amounts to 27. Actually it's pretty cool to see all the different weddings she's been to (a goth wedding, cowboy-themed, under-water, a Californian wedding, a wedding in Japan, an Indian wedding, etc.)

She is hopelessly in love with her boss, who falls for her baby sister. As you can (predictably) surmise, issues ensue. The great thing about 27 Dresses is that there is an entire side plot around Jane and her (predictably hot) suitor, the cynical Kevin (Marsden), dumped by his wife on the wedding day which makes him obviously sour to the whole idea of marriage.

I have to say that I absolutely loved this movie. There are so many clever and witty phrases in the dialogues that I actually would love to use at some point, it's a really funny and heartwarming movie. Here is the trailer - worth watching. Go see the movie. With a loved one. Now.

Trailer available from YouTube.

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