Monday, January 28, 2008

I need a new cell phone, so I'm accepting suggestions

I lost my cell last November, and I've refused to buy a new one simply on principle. I hate cell phone companies in Canada (well, don't hate them, but did you know that whenever you receive a call in Mexico the caller is paying for the phone call and it costs you zero, zilch, nada? Same deal in Spain).

Anyhow, so I want a pay-as-you-go, super cheap, no-frills, nothing fancy, ultra-basic phone. The only thing I really, really would like is unlimited incoming calls. The problem is, with the super busy social life I have, it's stupid for me not to have a cell. I *need* a cell. If there's anyone who needs a cell here, is me.

I've seriously considered the possibility of buying the 7-11 package (100 dollars phone with 100 dollars worth of air time). I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts. Thanks in advance!

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Al said...

Hi Raul,

I use Virgin. I haven't used any other companies so I can't compare, but my friend who gave me the phone has and said Virgin was the best.

You buy the phone outright and either pay-as-you-go @ 30cents a minute or sign up for their various packages:

Free incoming calls? Evenings and weekends only on the highest plan rate.

Even when I call-forward my home phone to my cell#, it is still a good deal.

Let me know if you want Virgin and I'll send you a referral link. You get a discount for signing up and I get a bonus too.