Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Eatery review - Sushi Sky (West End)

Given that my budget for dining out has shrunk considerably, and that my friends and I are trying to be more conscious about that (I'm glad they are, because I am pretty broke right now!), it was nice to find yet another place with good sushi for less than what I would have paid at Tanpopo or one of those other restaurants.

Sushi Sky is a little hole-in-the-wall kind of place on Bute Street, near Davie. If you know the Jupiter Cafe, it's pretty much right beside it. I have to say that it's such a strategic location. Three of my closest friends live within three blocks of this place. I went there with J for a quick dinner before watching "Brothers and Sisters" at his place a couple of Sundays ago.

The sushi is really good, and for less than $ 6.00 you got yourself dinner. I think the total for two with tip was $ 15.00. I mean, there are times when I pay that much at brunch! So, I'm pretty happy with this little place. Inexpensive and tasty. I'll be coming back again, for sure.

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