Friday, January 25, 2008

Dine Out Vancouver 2008 - my $ 25 per person recommendations

Ok, so now on to the $ 25.00 dollar mark recommendations. I've been to these restaurants and I should have written restaurant reviews, might do so in the near future.

- Aqua Riva - I love it.

- Dockside - Love it too (and reviewed here on my blog).

- Gramercy Grill - Not convinced from the brunch menu, but perhaps curious to see dinner menu.

- Hell's Kitchen - Had brunch here, don't know about dinner.

- Horizons - HELL YEAH. ABSOLUTELY. One of my best evenings was dinner here with J.

- La Bodega - YES. HELL YES. OH MY GOD, I HAVE TO GO! Reviewed here too.

- Mosaic - Excellent brunch, figure dinner is just as good. Reviewed here.

- NU - Hmm. Not convinced. May try this one.

- Ouisi - Excellent dinner food. Worth trying. Reviewed here.

- Red Door - I hated it, but who knows, maybe people will want to go. Reviewed here.

- Seasons in the Park - I'm tempted to try this one.

- Steamworks - Not worth it for dinner. Been there, done that. But good food nonetheless. I just wouldn't do Dine Out 2008 there.

- The Boathouse - Awesome food. I fell in love with this restaurant. Worth going on Dine Out.

- The Cats Meow - Hmmmm. Should I attempt one more try? Reviewed here.

- Cloud 9 - Hell yeah. If they have a $25.00 menu, I am SO going. Also reviewed here.

- The Transcontinental - Never done dinner here. Not interested. Good drinks and appetizers though.

- Tropika - J loves it. I hate it.

- Water St. Cafe - ABSOLUTELY. I swear by the Water Street Cafe.

- Trafalgars Bistro - hmmm... curious about it.

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