Thursday, January 10, 2008

The writing is not flowing :(

Despite the fact that I've been quite productive in that I've been submitting letters and writing some work-related e-mails, my own writing is not coming. Neither the work writing nor the blog. Not too happy about that. I've been working at home, and yeah, I can't complain about productivity in that I got a lot of my errands and chores done, but still don't feel as though I can sit down and write well.

Not sure what to do about it. And I'm a bit afraid of reading blogs right now as I know I can spend HOURS doing so. However, I would want to accomplish a fair bit (work-wise). What do you do if your writing is not flowing?


Anonymous said...

i think it is normal to go through a period of not feeling it blog wise, i'd have to say most bloggers do. people who like your blog will wait it out. just don't rush it, or stress about it, forced posted are generally obvious and end up making me feel worse and normally i just remind myself that although people will be back (i hope) that we all have so many blogs to read that one less for a few days never hurts.

Anonymous said...

shit sorry i totally read that wrong and answered it from a blog perspective not a writers block perspective.

Raul said...

No worries Corinna :) the advice is also very well appreciated!

Wanderin' Weeta said...

Write anyhow!

There have been times when I just started writing down what was on my desk at the moment. Or counting from one to wherever. Or words that start with a given letter of the alphabet.

After a bit of that (in that desk example, it made up a week of blog posts), I find myself writing real stuff again.