Thursday, January 31, 2008

I jinxed myself - so that was that...

My neighbours upstairs are incredibly noisy and often times, disturb my (and my next-door-neighbour's) quiet enjoyment. They have a 2 (maybe 3?) year old kid who is unbearable by any measure. Admittedly the kid is cute as they come (beautiful blue eyes, blond hair, ultra cute smile) but his behaviour is totally unacceptable. He throws tantrums like you have no idea and gets on my nerves faster than a speeding bullet. He runs in the house (and there is no noise insulation whatsoever in this house), throws things on the floor, etc. True, if I could afford rent elsewhere in Vancouver, I probably would move. But truth be told, I love Mount Pleasant and don't intend to move any time soon.

So this morning, I'm having a conversation with my next-door-neighbour where I say that the best moment of my day (when I am working at home, as I did today) is when the kid leaves the house with his parents. On any given day, they'll give us two or three hours breaks, and then come back and inflict as much noise as they possibly can.

However, today I started to feel strange when by 1.30pm, I was still writing along and enjoying a nice work pace. "Nobody has interrupted me... hmmm... this is suspicious...", I thought to myself. 3 pm came along... still having a wonderful working afternoon. Very suspicious. Finally, I broke down and told my neighbour "hmmm... I think they're gone for the day" and she quickly stopped me on my tracks "DON'T JINX IT!!! If you keep saying that they're gone, they'll be back!!!". Quite frankly, I kind of doubted it, but stopped mentioning it anyways.

So, it's 8.15 pm ... and I jinxed it. They are back. And noisy as ever. I did, admittedly, have a wonderful day of working at home, but I could have used a few more hours where I could have had a nap, or keep working. Now, back to my earplugs and my writing...

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