Friday, January 11, 2008

The things I love...

There are many things I love, but here is a short list that I'm loving at the moment:
  • Chocolate mints - "After Eight". One of my former students gave me a box as a token of appreciation. I was really touched, and honestly, I have to say that it made me very happy as I can eat a full box of chocolate mints, right by my side when I'm writing a paper or a report. Coffee + chocolate mints + my laptop + an interesting project to work in = bliss.
  • A busy social schedule. Not surprisingly, my weekend is full already. Brunch/lunch with Nomade Moderne and his girlfriend tomorrow (Saturday), a wine and cheese party on Saturday night (although truth be told, I will not be consuming cheese for obvious reasons - I hate it), volleyball on Sunday, then most likely brunch with LF and potentially W, K and R. Sunday evenings are already taken by J, so that brings me to next week... and I'm already booked for next Wednesday, Thursday and potentially Friday. Possible tea and coffee tonight with J, B, C and L.
  • My local travel equipment. This includes my laptop-fitted backpack, and my iPod. It's so nice to be able to move around town and know that I have the equipment to do work wherever I choose. That's one of the greatest things about doing the type of work I do, that you can work anywhere...

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