Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Back in Vancouver :)

Well, I'm finally home. My holidays seemed rather long, but to be truthful, I am not sure how well I rested. These days were filled with activities and family reunions, so maybe I'll need some vacations from my vacations! But it was great to see my family and spend time with ML doing something totally different to what we do in Vancouver (this time, for example, I did all the driving!)

I did notice that security checks at the Vancouver International Airport were much stricter, to the point where we were asked questions and personnel checked our passports and visas even before the point of entry (e.g. at the hall). This could be the result of a recent review of the role of CBSA after the death of a Polish immigrant at YVR, after being tasered, or it may be because it was a flight from Mexico, and there were a large number of immigrants who participate in the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program, which (according to Human Resources Development Canada) was expanded in 2004.

While I do have opinions on both of these issues (the increased security measures at YVR and the SAWP), I have very little time to blog about them (and I'm still exhausted from my trip). Will take these issues up again in further posts. I just wanted to say I'm back and will be blogging about my holidays later during the week.

I did hit the floor running, as I have already had administrative stuff to deal with (such as the registration of my volleyball team), and having to write appraisals. So, not likely I'll be resting any time soon. Besides, I think I am back to my usual routine, as I'm already booked for Friday night and Sunday all day... not unusual for me :)

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