Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Liveblogging Vancouver Blogger Meetup

9:56 pm - Well, Mom wasn't available on Skype and I feel as though I let down my neighbour DMcN as I didn't pick up a jug of cider but we'll leave that to the weekend. I was too busy with the liveblogging! Exhausted and starving, I had to pat myself in the back for having prepared dinner and lunch for the next three days. Quick defrosting in a microwave and now I'm enjoying a nice curry chicken with basmati rice while I polish my liveblog.

9:06 pm
- This would be the end of my liveblogging as I have to run and chat with my Mom on Skype, but I hope you guys enjoy the liveblog. It was fun. Rebecca, if you're reading this, you can tell me what you think ;) [Man, am I ever hungry...]

Damn - I almost forgot - had a chance to chat with Jan (the great Dane) who happens to be friends with Tanya (aka NetChick). So... in the chat, Richard is mentioning that he is going to do the introduction to blogging seminar at Northern Voice, YET he is not blogging that much! That is so funny :)

Here's the pic with Richard, Jan and Na'im.

8:56 pm - Even though he's about to leave, it was nice to chat with John Biehler. John, Al, Monica and I were discussing about what my blog is about, and Al made an important observation when I ranted about the young woman who refused my kindness this morning - he said "you should've just asked - do you need a hug?".
I normally would be just that bold, but for some reason, I didn't feel up to it. But his point is well taken. In the picture you can appreciate John, Al and Monica.

I also had a chance to chat with Carola from The Jem Gallery and Bev Davies. Bev is a photographer and you should totally check her Flickr stream. And Carola is appearing on The Georgia Straight tomorrow, so we'll have to read it!

8:40 pm - Jonathon and Na'im have left (well, Jonathon is on his way out) but I already made new good blogger friends. Had a very nice (but short) chat with Morten (who has 6 blogs?!)... but it's really hard to liveblog, pay attention, socialize and then upload photos. Hope everyone is having fun though!

8:27 pm - Unbelievably, I bumped into Jonathon Narvey. You'll wonder - why unbelievable? Well, because when you start reading someones blog, it becomes a fun phenomenon when you meet the person. And he is so nice to talk to... we have some very similar interests, and of course, we will continue having opposing opinions sometimes, but definitely, we respect each other very much. That's always fun. And in this photo, you can see Jonathon and Shane (yes, Shane from the contest to reclaim top Vancouver blogger spot). It will be fun to see what happens with the contest :)

8:06 pm
- Just had a very pleasant chat with Ronald where he asked me why I am on Blogspot. Truth is, first platform I knew. So, now I need to move over to WordPress. But I feel a bit as though I'm breaking up with a partner... it's hard to let go! But his site is on WP and he says it is awesome so I have to try it. Angela and Morten also were trying to sway me on the WP bandwagon... and they're right! They are SO right! This liveblog would be SO much easier if I were on the WP platform. *sigh* Lesson learned :)

I have to admit that I was very amused with the Pink and Yellow website (since Angela says she's yellow and Morten is pink - for someone like me, who is an immigrant himself, this type of characterization is fun to make - in my case, I guess I'd be hmmm... red [because of the chillies?] ... dunno, maybe stretching the analogy). In the picture, Angela, Morten, Ronald and ... I forgot his name, rats... I'll ask him :)

7:52 pm - Na'im kindly collected the names and blogs of the "side tables". We're pretty much clustered in two groups (this coffee shop is awesome, but it doesn't have enough seating for us right now I think). I have been to the Our Town Cafe before only once, but EVERY time I walk by, I see at least two or three people reading a book LEISURELY. I am not kidding. You can tell that they are enjoying their reading and it's pleasant. The last time I read a book at my leisure was, what... 2001? *sigh*

Ok, so in the picture above you see Karen, Na'im, Al, David ... I am a bit embarrassed to have had to ask them to write their names and all, given that I have photographic memory, but I think I'm a little bit too excited about being here. Al and I should totally talk, since he is the creator of the Bokashi method, a simple, indoor, hassle-free composting method. And quite obviously I am a student of the environment, so...

* Feel free to submit comments on the liveblog!

7:45pm I begin taking pictures and introducing myself. Maybe a little bit intrusive on my part as I interrupted a couple of conversations. But it's always nice to actually put a face to the person. I am actually missing Rebecca Bollwitt (aka Miss604) a lot, since I spoke with her on GChat earlier and she mentioned she was super busy before she heads to the island with Keira-Anne. And since she's not here, I guess it's up to me to live-blog. I hope I can live up to her high standards, because she IS the top Vancouver liveblogger!!! On the picture you find Isabella and Katy.

7:30 pm Na'im from just came to kindly introduce himself. Very pleasant conversation, we were commenting about the fact that I hate linking my own stuff on, but if you feel some of my writing is worth it, then by all means, please feel free to link it there. As for me, I'll link the stuff I read and I find exciting. Also very exciting to see that Karen Fung is here (the organizer from TransitCamp).

7:15pm - I arrive wet but in one piece at the Vancouver Blogger Meetup. Quickly I get introduced to Isabella Mori and Richard from JustAGwailo (who overheard my blog's name and just mentioned that he 'hears' the voice of the blogger once he meets them). Very fun to be here.

Note - already has a blog!

I have my digital camera so I'll try to post some as soon as I can. We are at the Our Town Cafe at the corner of Kingsway and Broadway.


isabella mori said...

hey, this is great! i think this is the first time someone live blogged this event. or did netchick do it once? that's the kind of thing she'd do. i was thinking of twittering but twitter is down right now. real great meeting you!

Kilroy_60 said...

Thanks for opening the door to this event over at the progressive dinner blog carnival, Isabella.

Have you all been over to have a bite and a beverage?

Have a great one, and don't do anything I wouldn't do. hmmmmmmm, will have to give some thought to what that could be.


Raul said...

Thanks guys! Thanks Isabella for inviting me! I am exhausted (liveblogging is tiring!) -- hope Tanya (aka NetChick) and Rebecca (aka Miss604) like my liveblogging - they are true masters of the art! I am just a Padawan (Jedi in training!)

Jonathon Narvey said...

Great to meet you, Raul. I enjoyed talking with you very much. Let's keep in touch. By the way, thanks for the link back to me!

Great write-up about the meetup. I'll have little left to add when I get around to it tomorrow.

Monica Hamburg said...

Lovely meeting you, Raul. Kudos on live blogging this! Wow - exhausting (but impressive) feat.

Miss 604 said...

Aw man I missed a great one eh? I can't believe I missed a chance to meet Bev Davies - my Punk History Vancouver page is almost all dedicated to her hehe!

Raul said...

We missed you at VBM, Rebecca! And yes, Bev Davies is lovely. Absolutely adorable. Well, to be honest - EVERYONE in that room was awesome. I had such a blast! Liveblogging it made it a bit hard to keep in touch and chatting with everyone. But the time went by like a breeze!

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Victoria Potter said...

hah! I was there as well. Guess I missed most of the earlier fleeing bloggers as I showed up somewhere between 8:30 and 9. Sigh!