Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend roundup

Even though I didn't have my usual Friday dinner with C, B, L and J (as we usually do), I ended up being triple-booked. But that's not unusual in Raul's life. As somebody would say, another day at work, hehe. My weekend started on Wednesday with a lovely dinner at Kishu Mountain with LB. Since we don't work together anymore, I had not had a chance to see her and it was so lovely to touch base with her. It was very refreshing to have again some time just to hang out the two of us.

Friday I went to the office party and then we proceeded to go to a post-office party at J/B/P's house. That was a blast, and I got a nice invite to a party the next evening at B and M's place. I had such a great time at B and M's (although I did manage to exact some damage on my liver and my head - note to self - don't drink and dance). Saturday morning I had brunch with BS at The Nice Cafe, which was also wonderful, and spent part of the afternoon just doing some work around the house.

Sunday morning was my traditional volleyball followed by a very nice brunch with M, L and A. As it has become tradition, Sunday evening was dinner and a movie with J. And strangely enough, I felt a bit depressed/sad after J dropped me off at my place after dinner at The Red Sea Cafe. Not sure why. I think it's because I've had such a social weekend, filled with people, new friends, new bonding processes (friendship bonding, I mean). I am a bit overwhelmed, but at the same time, I kind of miss my friends. It's a strange feeling. I have seen so many of my friends in the past two weeks and yet I still feel as though I haven't seen enough of them. Weird. This too, shall pass.

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