Monday, January 07, 2008

Friends are the family we choose

Last night I was talking to JH over GMail Chat and we were discussing the fact that I was going to miss my family in Mexico now that I'm on my way back to Vancouver. She made the point that I will be now returning to my other family, the friends I have there. And I really liked the fact that she reminded me that friends are the family we choose.

I have been blessed with several groups of amazing friends. Receiving emails or MSN chats from my close friends, or even phone calls in some cases, is one of the greatest privileges one can have. Over these holidays, I had the opportunity to see two of my childhood best friends: LDG for dinner one night, AAF literally at the bus depot on his way back to Aguascalientes. I also had the chance to spend some time with three of my very best friends from undergraduate (I and A and their son, and LE and his family). I was invited to be the date of my good friend AE, and got to see my co-workers and friends. We had my good friend CSG for breakfast at my Mom's place and attended several traditional Posadas. I spent New Years' Eve with ML, I and A and their family. And how could I forget two amazing visits to San Miguel Allende, where I spent some time with HZ's parents (particularly his Mom as his Dad had to travel on an emergency trip). I was extremely touched when NZ answered to the question "did your son visit San Miguel?" (referring to HZ) and she responded "no, he couldn't make it but he sent his brother" (referring to me). *swoon*

On the Vancouver side of things, I did miss two really good parties I wish I had attended, Christmas party hosted by HZ and CS and New Years Party hosted by AF and DM. My good friends from Vancouver have been sending me emails saying "come back, we miss you, it's too quiet here without you". And of course, I've been travelling around for two weeks with my Vancouver-born friend ML. It's really heartwarming to feel so loved.

My Mom was in awe (and very happy) the other day about the fact that I got so many amazing friends. The great thing about friend-families, is that they extend and expand, as long as we put the work into it. My Mom now has three new 'sisters' in San Miguel de Allende!

I toast to friendships, old, new, renewed and 'dormant'. To the great gift of happiness. Because we as friends are blessed to be the witnesses to each other's lives...

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